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性犯罪 常见问题解答


如果你被指控 迈阿密戴德的性犯罪, it's critical that you retain the defense of an experienced attorney 尽快. 迈克尔·米尔 has defended hundreds of clients against serious criminal 指控, and he can fight for your rights in court. To learn more about your defense options, read answers to common questions about sex crimes and contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation.


Any sex crime that involves the transmission or distribution of child pornography through the media, whether by mail, internet, cell phone, courier or other means, or across state lines by any form of transportation will involve the federal government and all of its resources. Crimes involving human trafficking are also charged federally.

If I am arrested for a sex crime what are my rights?

你 always have the right to remain silent until you give it up. 你是 strongly advised to consult with a qualified attorney first. 如果你决定 to answer questions you should realize that what you say can be used against 你,甚至是你开的玩笑. 你可以随时停止回答问题 是时候请律师了.

你 have the right to have an attorney present when answering questions and can consult with your attorney before answering any question. 你 are strongly advised to consult competent legal 法律顾问 before you decide 打破沉默.

Do I need an attorney if I suspect I am being investigated for a sex crime 但我没有被捕?

Before 指控 are actually decided upon a skilled 迈阿密 sex crime lawyer could possibly provide facts that may be overlooked by investigators which can change the course of an investigation or get it dropped or which may 会导致轻罪的指控. 在许多情况下,早期干预 by an experienced sex crime defense attorney can lead to a better case outcome.

Can a person who has been convicted of a sex crime work with children?

This entirely depends upon the crime for which the person was convicted. The best thing to do is ask your probation officer or experienced legal 法律顾问. Those who have been convicted of a federal sex crime are going 会面临非常严重的后果. 没有技巧决不前进 legal representation from our firm if you are facing federal sex crime 指控. Many sex crimes charged in federal court can lead to decades 在监狱里. 这些涉及儿童 can be punishable by life 在监狱里 for certain offenses.


A person who is still on probation or parole communicates with the Department 的修正,否则 登记 是在治安官办公室里完成的吗.

Can I represent myself if I am charged with a sex crime?

An individual always has the right to speak and act in his own defense. A prosecutor goes to trial frequently, understands the law, the court system , rules of evidence and court procedures and has the resources of the state or federal government to call upon to support their case.

Representing yourself or having an inexperienced defense lawyer is dangerous 在任何情况下. Being represented by an experienced sex crime lawyer who is also a highly skilled litigator is a considerable advantage when facing the possibility of a conviction which could drastically affect 你的未来.

If you have questions about a specific case or need help with your defense 请致电迈克尔·米尔, P律师事务所.A. 寻求帮助.

If you are facing any sex offense charge in southern Florida, 联系迈阿密性犯罪律师 愿意帮忙的人.


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