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命名的 保护令?


你被列入保护令了吗? 向全球十大赌钱软件排行律所寻求法律帮助.

迈克尔·米勒律师事务所,P.A. 为被指控的客户辩护 家庭暴力 and helps clients who are the subject of protective orders. 第741章 of the Florida Domestic Relations Code allows protection for victims of 法律允许的家庭暴力. 如果暴力的受害者没有 qualify for protection from a 家庭暴力 situation, protection against repeat violence, sexual violence, and dating violence is found 根据《全球十大赌钱软件排行》第784章.

An 保护令 is an order issued by a Civil Court with the intent 阻止持续的暴力行为. 家庭暴力犯罪 serious and violations of protective orders or restraining orders can 有重大的后果.

联系该公司 今天为您免费咨询.

How does a plaintiff obtain an 保护令?

A plaintiff can file a petition for an 保护令 as a victim 持续的暴力. The petitioner must prove that the violence has occurred and that it will likely occur again, and if the judge is convinced, 然后就会发出保护令. 保护令是民事的 court matter and is not criminally enforceable. 违反命令 of Protection may not lead to an immediate arrest. 违反者将会 appear in civil court and then found in contempt of court, fined and sentenced 去坐牢. It is important to keep within the guidelines of a protective order and avoid making a mistake that could affect your future.

The purpose of a protective order is to prohibit further acts of violence. The offender may not harass or threaten the victim in any form. 这意味着 no threats directly or indirectly, or through another person. 订单 may prohibit the offender from the vicinity of a daycare center, school or other venue where the protected person is located. 有些订单可能 also prohibit the offender from the disposal or transfer of property. One cannot establish possession or visitation of a child, but may be ordered to pay child or spousal support up to 1 year. 除了上述 and under certain circumstances, the order may include mandatory counseling 或搬出某一特定财产的命令.

How can I get an 保护令 lifted?

When an order expires, it is no longer in effect. 它是重要的 sure the order is complete before attempting to contact the plaintiff/petitioner 这样你就可以避免任何可能的违规. 一位律师 can help with all aspects of a protective order and you should have legal representation at each step of the criminal process.

When the courts issue an 保护令, it is temporary. 听证会 will take place and a judge will decide if the full order should be granted 受害者. If the plaintiff does not appear at the hearing, then there will be a dismissal of the protective order. 原告可能有 change of heart and decide that a protective order is no longer necessary. That would entail providing evidence to convince the court before lifting an order.

Lastly, the defendant has the right to challenge a protective order. 你的 attorney can assist you with preparation and presentation to the court. The defense would need to provide evidence such as written testimony, witness testimony, police or medical records for example. 全球十大赌钱软件排行准备好了 to help you with your 保护令 defense matter.

You can challenge the 保护令 against you. 请致电迈克尔·米勒律师事务所.A. today to retain the advocacy of an experienced 迈阿密 defense attorney!


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